Detox pearls is a natural rare herbs refined safety and health, quick clean. The pearl are a blend of natural organic herbs that is wrapped in a bandage like cloth to be inserted into the vagina to help eliminate gynaecological issue. Three days after a clean period of menstruation start to use detox pearls. What you should expect from the detox process? Expect to see toxins, dead cells and bad bacteria come out  in discharge like manner, though each women is different and will experience varying results. How many pearls are needed for a full cleanse? For a generan cleanse you need 3 pearls. Can i have sex while the pearls is in? No you cannot, you need to take it out 24/48 hours prior to intercourse. Will i be able to pee and poo with the pearls? Yes. Who should use this pearl? Anyone who wants a general cleanse if you experience any gynaecological issue.


  • Angelica- Regulates menstruation

  • Motherwort- Regulates menstruation, removes toxins and kill parasites

  • Osthol- streng thens the uterus, kill parasite and relieves

  • Borneol- Reduces pain and clears the mind

3 Detox Pearls