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Honoring Our Heritage

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Sandra Cherisma
President and Owner of Cherish V- Steam Spa

In my mother's home country, on the island of Haiti, my mom provided traditional vaginal wellness treatments for women out of our house. As a child, I didn't know what was going on, but every weekend ladies of all ages would come over and disappear into the bedroom and master bath. As I got older, I became curious about these “special treatments” and the conversations they were having about “women’s issues.” Why were they so amazed and excited about the results of her treatments? At the age of thirteen, I got my period and my questions were finally answered. That day, I was very cranky. I doubled over in pain, it felt like an invisible knife was stabbing me in the stomach. My mom took me to the master bath and it was then that I was initiated into womanhood by receiving my first vagina steam. My pain and emotions were soothed by the warmth of the steam and the healing properties of her secret recipe of special island herbs... just as she had done for all those other women.
As a young female entrepreneur, a vaginal steam spa was a natural fit for my first business. It allows me to continue in the tradition of my mother’s care of women while providing a practical service for women in need. CHERISH V- STEAM SPA is a contemporary space with services based on Haitian traditional wellness. We provide relief for women who want more control over the care of their reproductive organs and an alternative to over the counter medications. Just like my mom, at Cherish Steam-Spa I provide this health ritual in a clean and safe environment to women of all ages.
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Top sanitary protocol are a priority and essential for health and wellness. We are committed to a safe environment for all guests and employees well-being. 

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